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Faster than jack chain, cable suspension is perfect for virtually any application, suspending nearly anything in almost any environment.
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Griplock® Systems      Where it Stops it Locks®

lighting suspension systemsThe key component, the Griplock® Cable Gripper, is a unique, self-locking, completely adjustable device, designed to securely lock onto a large range of aircraft cables. It requires no tools to adjust; up or down, down or up - as often as you like.

Safety and Quality Control
Griplock Systems tests every shipment of every part to ensure our customers are protected from faulty parts and possible field failure, because we know that one failure is too many. Ask other suppliers if they can provide testing data for your last shipment – Griplock can.

Griplock® Systems' ground-breaking cable suspension system has become synonymous with form, function and style in the areas of Architectural & Industrial Lighting, Art Hanging, Retail Display, Sign Hanging, Rigging, and Suspended Ceilings.

Browse our complete selection of tool-free adjustable cable grippers, couplers, aircraft cable, canopies, power cord, and other products to make your installation fast and easy, all with a stunning and modern look. We specialize in the packaging of complete cable suspension kits and offer private labeling and bar coding to meet our customer requirements.